How can I receive client e-mail and SMS responses?

If a client responds to an e-mail, the response does not come directly to your software. There are settings you can configure to decide how you receive those responses.
  1. In your software, go to the Messaging & Marketing drop-down menu and select Messaging System Settings.
  2. When your account settings have loaded, choose the Edit Company Info button in the lower left.
  3. This will open a web browser to the Account Management login page. Log in with an administrator account.
  4. Choose the My Info button in the upper right.
  5. Go to the Messaging Service tab.
  6. The Primary E-mail you enter here is the destination at which you will receive responses. Modify the information here by selecting the Edit Messaging Info button. The Primary E-mail will receive e-mail responses and can be any address.
Text message replies to notifications from the software are not treated as a normal text message. If someone is entering C to confirm their appointment, the confirmation type on that customers appointment will switch to Text Message to signify that they have confirmed their appointment.

If a customer replies to a different text notification from the software, the reply message is not actually sent anywhere. If you want customers to reply to text messages, you would want to add a line that says "Please reply to" and enter the phone number you wish them to reply to.

Please Note: This will increase the length of the message and if the message is more than 160 characters it will be split into two text messages.

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