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Employee Performance Report

The Employee Performance Report provides performance information regarding a specified employee.
  1. Select Employee Performance Report from the Reports drop-down menu.
  2. The Options screen will appear.
  3. Select the Range of Dates that you would like for the report.
  4. Select the Employee from the drop-down list.
  5. Click OK.
  6. The Employee Performance Summary will appear.
Report Breakdown
Client Retention
This section is divided into five columns:
  • Category: lists the service categories performed by the selected employee during the date range of the report
  • Employee: displays the employee's name
  • Total # clients: displays total number of unique clients serviced by the employee for each category's row during the date range of the report. This total does not include retail sales
  • # Retained: displays the number of clients retained during the selected date range. A client is considered retained if the client has visited an employee at least two times for service(s) in the same category and the client’s number of visits to that employee is more than 50% of his or her visits for that service category
  • % Retained: displays the number in the # Retained column as a percentage of the Total # Clients column
Client Demographics
This section divided into four columns:
  • Gender: gender of clients serviced based on the info in their client file
  • Ticket Count: number of tickets closed by employee during the selected date range. This total includes tickets with retail and service returns as well as sales
  • Percentage: displays percentage of total tickets in this section sold by employee based on gender
  • Amount Spent: displays total dollar amount spent by that gender during selected date range
Percentage Booked
This section displays three entries:
  • Hours booked: displays total number of hours the employee's schedule was booked for appointments during the selected date range. Appointments scheduled outside working hours are NOT included in this report
  • Hours scheduled: displays total number of hours the employee was scheduled to work based on their working hours on the Schedule screen in the software
  • Percent booked: displays the total hours booked as a percentage of hours scheduled
Ticket Statistics
  • Average ticket - displays the average subtotal of all tickets this employee appears on. Sales not attributed to this employee also appear in this total
  • Products sold - total of all product sales attributed to this employee
  • Top service - service sold most often by this employee
  • Top service quantity - number of times top service was sold by this employee
  • Number of tickets with retail - tickets containing at least one product
  • Number of tickets without retail - tickets that do not contain products
  • Percentage of tickets with retail - number of tickets with retail divided by the total number of tickets

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