Profit & Loss Statement

The Profit and Loss Report provides the comprehensive tools for analyzing the income, expenses, and net profit of your business.
  1. Select Profit and Loss Report from the Reports drop-down menu.
  2. The Profit and Loss screen will appear.
  3. Select the Date Range.
  4. As desired, check or uncheck the Include sales transactions box. This box should be checked if you do not record sales deposits in the General Ledger. If you do record sales deposits in the General Ledger, then these ledger entries will represent your business' income.
  5. Select how payroll will be included:
    • General Ledger entries: if you utilize a payroll account in your general ledger
    • Saved payroll calculations: if you only use payroll calculations and don't include payroll in your general ledger
    • Don't include payroll: if you do not want to include payroll in your Profit and Loss Report
  6. In the General Ledger section, use the Include column to check or uncheck the general ledger entries that you would like to include. Usually, General Ledger entries include utility payments and other business expenses, so we recommend including these for complete accuracy.
  7. Click OK.
  8. The Profit and Loss Report will appear. This may take a few minutes depending on how much information is being generated.
Backbar is accounted for in your General Ledger when you order products. Products contained on tickets with Backbar are not an additional expense because the wholesale cost of these products should already have been accounted for. The amount of detail shown on the report can be changed automatically or manually depending on needs.

To manually change the amount of detail displayed under each heading, click the + or - symbols next to each heading name. To automatically change the amount of detail displayed, select one of the four levels from the Detail drop-down menu. Level 4 has the greatest amount of detail and Level 1 has the least. You can print, copy, or save the Profit and Loss Report.

If you select to copy the report by selecting Copy from the File drop-down menu, the information is copied to the clipboard. Next, you can open a spreadsheet and paste the information by hitting Ctrl+V on the keyboard. If you selected Save As, you can save the information as a .txt file that can be opened in a spreadsheet.

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