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For our customers using CardConnect for credit card processing, CardConnect is currently experiencing issues with processing payments. They are aware of the issue and are working to rectify the problem. For up to date information on the outage you can go to

On Wednesday July 24th our offices will be closed from 10AM to 5PM EST for a team building event. Our normal business hours will resume at 5pm Wednesday. Thank you for your understanding.

System Maintenance is scheduled Sunday night, April 22nd, between 10:00 PM and 5:00 AM EST Monday, April 23rd. While these database upgrades and maintenance is necessary, it will mean that our online services will not be available during this maintenance window. These services include: online booking, messaging, remote access, memberships or any account management. We apologize for any inconvenience this work may cause and thank you for your service and patience.

We recently experienced a service outage related to some Amazon Web Services, which affected key functionality of our Remote Access Service. This interruption happened on Thursday, June 22nd, between the hours of 9:00pm and 2:00am EST. The Remote Access Service is now fully restored. If you continue to experience issues with your Remote Access Service, please follow the directions on this Support Article to restart the Remote Access Service and try reconnecting again. You can also restart your computer to restart your service. If you are still experiencing issues afterwards please contact our support team at 1 (800) 604-2040.

All of our services have been restored after a brief interruption that impacted our Cloud online services. This interruption occurred between 9:45 a.m. and 10:55 a.m. EST on September 18th. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!

Setting Up Credit Card Processing

These instructions will help you set up integrated credit card processing in your software. DaySmart Software products work exclusively with CardConnect and OpenEdge for credit card processing. To use this feature, we recommend you have the following:
  1. Merchant Account: before you can process your first integrated credit card transaction, you need to have a merchant account. Ownership of a merchant account is required to process credit cards and also provides a way for the credit card funds to be routed to your bank account. Please contact CardConnect at (877) 948-9733 or OpenEdge at (888) 384-6006 for more information on how to obtain a merchant account. Businesses can have multiple merchant accounts to facilitate each independent contractor employed.
  2. Credit Card Reader: a credit card reader is a device that attaches to your computer and allows you to quickly obtain the information needed for a credit card transaction by swiping the credit card through the reader. If you use a credit card reader, you will not need to manually type in the credit card information. Some credit card readers are a little larger than a candy bar and plug directly into the USB port on your computer. You can also purchase a keyboard with a built-in credit card reader. It is recommended that you only use processing hardware obtained directly from CardConnect or OpenEdge.
  3. Printer: a receipt printer is used to print receipts. One receipt is kept by the customer and the other receipt is signed by the customer and returned to you. DaySmart Software officially supports and sells Epson brand receipt printers. You can also use a regular full-size (8.5" x 11" sheets of paper) Windows printer to print receipts.
  4. Internet Connection: a phone line modem is used by your computer to connect to your merchant account provider and process the charge. For higher processing speeds, we recommend a cable modem or DSL line to process the credit card transactions.
Please contact CardConnect at (877) 948-9733 or OpenEdge at (888) 384-6006 to purchase any of the above items, except for the phone line or Internet service.

Setup for CardConnect Customers
  1. Make sure that you are on version 13 of the software. If you are not on version 13 you will need to update the software in order to use CardConnect. Follow the directions here to download the update.
  2. Obtain your business' merchant account information by contacting CardConnect at (877) 948-9733. A merchant account is required to process credit cards.
  3. With your merchant account number, go to Tools -> Credit Card Setup.
  4. Check the box for Enable Credit Card Processing.
  5. From the Processing Method drop down menu, select CardConnect.
  6. Enter the merchant ID into the corresponding field.
  7. Press the Verify button to confirm that it was entered correctly.

Hardware Setup for CardConnect Customers
  1. Obtain processing hardware and connect it to your network's router. If the device is able to make the required connection, it will change from saying Unbolted to Bolted at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Within the software, go to Tools -> Credit Card Setup.
  3. To connect to the credit card machine, select Add Device.
  4. Select the device type that corresponds with the credit card machine that you received from CardConnect.
  5. For the Serial Number, take a look at the device. When it is powered on, it will list your serial number at the top of the device. Enter the number into the corresponding field within the software.
  6. The display name can be whatever you would like, but it is recommended you name it so you know which device specifically it is.
  7. Press OK to save the device.
  8. With the device added, press Test Connection to make sure that the device is working. If it comes up with a message saying "A successful connection was made to the selected device" you are setup to process with the device. if you get a different message, double check that you entered the serial number correctly and that the device itself says Bolted.
​You should now test your integrated credit card processing. To do so, add or edit a ticket. Add a service and mark the prices as a dollar. Click the Tender = Due button and click the Process Credit Card button. Swipe the credit card and your software will process the card. You will then receive a message saying that it was either approved or declined. If the card is approved the ticket will automatically close. To return the funds to your card, simply go back into the ticket and press Void at which point the software will also ask if you want to void the transaction through CardConnect. Press Yes. If your credit card did not process, call CardConnect technical support at (877) 828-0720.

Setup for OpenEdge Customers
  1. Obtain processing hardware and connect it to your computer(s).
  2. Obtain your business' merchant account information by contacting OpenEdge at (888) 384-6006. A merchant account is a requirement to process credit cards. They will assist you with the proper configuration and setup on the computer(s) used to process credit card transactions.
  3. On all computers on the network, be sure Windows file sharing is enabled and that it allows other users to modify files. Make sure your Windows file sharing is NOT set as read only. Also, be sure that your software is installed on all computers on the network.
  4. Have your bank ID number and terminal ID number ready. If you are unsure about any of these, call OpenEdge credit card processing support at (800) 338-6614, and they can give you this information or tell you the status of your bank and terminal IDs.
  5. Start your software.
  6. Select Options from the Tools pull-down menu.
  7. Click the Credit Card Processing tab.
  8. Check the Enable credit card processing box. 
  9. Choose XCharge if you will be processing cards using the XCharge processing method or EdgeLink Cloud if you will be using that method. Contact Open Edge Support if you are unsure.
  10. Click the Test Connection button to make sure that the software is able to communicate. If you get an error message, contact OpenEdge support.
  11. If you are using EdgeLink Cloud for processing, you will need to enter your X-Web IDTerminal ID, and AuthKey. These will all be provided to you by OpenEdge.
  12. Additionally, if you accept EMV credit cards transactions, check the box to enable this in the software. Accepting EMV transactions only works with the EdgeLink Cloud method and requires further setup on your computer(s) by OpenEdge.
  13. Check the Show a pop-up message confirming the transaction was approved box if it's not already.
  14. Choose from the following options in the Tips section:
    • Include a tip line only if one or more services are listed on the ticket
    • Always include a tip line
    • Never include a tip line
    • Treat tips for independent contractors as direct tips for credit card transactions
  15. Click the OK button to return to the Options screen.
  16. Click OK again to return to your software.
  17. Repeat Steps 6-15 for each additional computer that will be processing credit cards.
You should now test your integrated credit card processing. To do so, add or edit a ticket. Add a service and mark it to a dollar. Click the Tender = Due button and click the Process Credit Card button. Swipe the credit card and your software will process the card and approve or decline it. If the card is approved the ticket will automatically close. Perform a return for the service to return the money to your card. If your credit card did not process, call OpenEdge credit card processing technical support at (800) 338-6614.

If you have independent contractors that will be processing credit cards though the software as well, see the article here for instructions to add their individual merchant accounts.

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